About Us

We breed adorable pure bred AKC registered French Bulldogs. Our priority is to produce to the best of our ability healthy, well socialized, affectionate Frenchies for family pets, show or small breeder homes. 

We are very selective when choosing new puppies to add to our breeding program. We truly believe that breeding dogs for temperament and conformation is of the utmost importance. We produce standard colors:  cream, black brindles, fawn and sable, as well as the other colors:  blues, lilacs, Piebald and brindles.

 The health of each and everyone of our puppies and dogs is our top priority. They receive medical attention as soon as possible. We also use homeopathy, holistic and herbal remedies when possible.

 Our Frenchies live in our home as family members and love being couch potatoes, lap warmers and sleeping with us.  Our home is located in a rural area near Quakertown, Southeastern,  Pennsylvania and situated on 6+ acres as our dogs enjoy playing outside often everyday.

 Since nutrition equates to healthy, happy, and physically fit dogs, we feed “Life’s Abundance”, an all natural grain free kibble and a raw meat diet. We also add vitamins, minerals, DE, Coconut oil, Probiotics, Apple cider vinegar and Immune boost supplements to insure they are receiving all the required nutrients they need to thrive.